The Golden Girls Of India

There is nothing sexier than traditional pieces reinvented.

There was a time when you looked at your moms old sets and questioned what you would do with them once they were inherited. For more than 30 years those vintage gold sets have been locked up in safety deposit boxes at the bank or in home safes. Collected and kept in the family solely for sentimental reasons never to be worn or seen ever again. The biggest tragedy in South Asian Fashion so far is the idea that we can't mix what is old and traditional with what is new and modern... 2016 is the year we change that! 

India has become the number one influencer of summer fashion trends in North America for years. Beaded tops, crystal head pieces and bindis have walked the red carpets of Hollywood. The looks that influence Coachella are a fusion of fashion trends from India and Bohemia and we can't get enough! This year one of leading trends we can anticipate is gold jewellery and some of the most traditional design elements we've seen hit mainstream fashion so far! 

So why is that the Western world is embracing traditional fashion more than the women who invented it? We're assuming that it is because you haven't seen how stunning these pieces can look revamped with simplistic modern elements. And we aren't the only ones who think so! The geniuses over at have also just released a variation of eastern design. 

We've put together some outfits showing you how to effortlessly pull off this traditional look for your events east or west or Vice Versa. So go ahead... pull out those old gold pieces, purchase new gold platted tribal and become a golden girl. Its in your roots after all <3 !! 


Vice Versa Boutique - Our stunning 'Tribal Girl' set is pictured above on the left. It's dipped in gold plating to prevent tarnishing and will last you a lifetime. Handmade in India using all natural elements and metals, perfect for those who are sensitive to synthetic materials. Our pieces come as sets featuring earrings and a ring. See more gold designs here! Modelled by CandyPaint.

Nasty Gal - The fusion Rockefeller necklace pictured above on the right is available over at is a great, super affordable synthetic material version of a traditional design! 


Styling East

 Pairing gold jewellery with our 'little black' saree or lengha with a big bold red bindi and red lips instantly makes you the classiest woman in the room.


Styling West

We paired a traditional gold plated necklace with a white t-shirt, leather jacket, distressed jeans and black pumps for a dinner outing. The compliments did not stop pouring in... 

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