How do we measure?

Our measuring method is unique just like our jewellery!
Learn about our FIT guide below to find the perfect pieces for your outfit.
All measurements are taken in inches unless otherwise stated.

We measure traditional 'blouse depth' style to keep shopping for a specific outfit simple.
Point 'A' to point 'B' is the most accurate way to measure for a perfect fit. Point 'A' indicates where the necklace will sit on your collar bone, point 'B' indicates the ending or lowest point where the necklace will sit. These points will show the necklace at its SMALLEST length, the 'Extension' indicates the chain or string of additional room you have to adjust the necklace longer.


We keep our earring measurements simple so you can quickly decide what is going to work best for your lobes! Point 'A' to point 'B' is the most accurate way to measure for length and size. Point 'A' indicates where the top of the earring starts and point 'B' indicates the ending or lowest point - indicating how long the dangle is going to be. 

P.S - This is also how we measure our tikkas.


Our bangles are measured straight across from the inner rim, to find your perfect match use a measuring tape against an existing bangle and measure in inches, our bangles range from 2.4" - 2.10".


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